June 11, 2019

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Anonymous September 6, at 2: Anonymous May 8, at Anonymous February 2, at It’s skill is combined by fire and water Shin March 23, at Anonymous August xi, at 3: I really hate the Big BUG about the walrus punch.

Now he is nothing more then a faceless void who seeks revenge on the men who have stolen his identity.

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Anonymous January 4, at 8: Let AI buy at the secret shop. Anonymous June 27, at 8: Anonymous August 13, at 9: Anonymous January 25, dofa 4: Anonymous April 23, at 7: Anonymous August 19, at 3: Anonymous August 20, at Anonymous January 31, at 6: Download the version 1.


Anonymous December 21, at Anonymous October 16, at 9: Anonymous February 22, at 8: Anonymous August 24, qi 8: Anonymous September 22, at 6: Anonymous September 8, at WHen you invoke the command for that skill it just coolsdown but no green stuff comes out and enemy’s movement speed is still normal In this version, PleaseBugMeNot has made several improvements and fixed some odd bugs with Invoker and Phoenix that appeared in previous revision.

Anonymous October 12, at 1: Anonymous June 8, at 9: Anonymous May 28, at 1: Hey Why the freak 6.70 ai dota map icarus there is v.

Anonymous November 20, at 8: Wish you good luck and happy new year. AI invokers can never beat humans invoker, not even if you utilize alien technology in making the map. Anonymous April 8, at 6: I guess buffmelpzz is much more faster ,ap this new harekke guy in making ai map Anonymous May 18, at 7: Anonymous October 21, at 8: