March 12, 2019

The success prompted the making of a music video , which was the first Romanian hip hop video ever made. In a career that spans over 20 years of activity, the group has released over 20 singles , 8 studio albums , one extended play , one compilation album and two greatest hits albums. Group producer Tataee mentioned that the group would employ a new approach to music since the Internet had played a crucial role in the demise of the compact disc -era in the musical industry. Mafia’s last release on Cat Music, their home label for over 14 years, as the group went independent from Accompanied by the group’s first official music video, the album is often categorized as their darkest work to this day. However, group producer Tataee repeatedly mentioned that the break up had not been a friendly one and that he had not maintained any connection to DJ Swamp.

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Aside from Casa Productions, each group member founded his own label for personal projects. The live performance took place in mid and is frequently mentioned by TataeeCaddilac and Uzzi as a very special and meaningful moment in the group’s history.

Retrieved May 18, Mafia were one of the few Romanian groups that received radio airplay in the mid 90s. The recording sessions interrupted the group’s work on their greatest hits album, so its release had to be further delayed until early Hip hop Gangsta rap Buv hip hop.

Group producer Tataee had just started collaborating with Bug mafia strazile remix “DJ Phantom” Schneider, one of the most well known romanian composers in the s, who helped refine the g-funk sound the group was trying to achieve at the time. Mafia – Part 1 – YouTube. Despite the album’s poor rremix quality and virtually inexistent label promotion, it created enough controversy around the group to allow them get signed by Cat Music, one of the largest Romanian record labelspaving their way to national superstardom.


Mafia and a staff producer for Casa Productions. Mafia – Pantelimonu’ Petrece feat. Tataee wanted the group to re-record the vocals for every song that was to be included on the album, while he produced new beats for the updated versions of the tracks.

Oncescu has since changed his professional name to Nicalai and has pursued a career as an electronic music artist, releasing his debut album A. From left to right, Caddilac, Uzzi, Buf.

B.U.G. Mafia – Wikipedia

In a career that spans over 20 years remi activity, the group has released over 20 singles8 studio albumsone extended playone compilation album and two greatest hits albums. The album was initially planned to be released in late but Ines changed their location, upgrading their recording technology, making group producer Tataee to insist for a re-do of the whole album in the new studio.

Starting in latethe group started work on a greatest hits album that was to take them just under 6 years to complete. The group released Mafia in late and, since music distribution was virtually nonexistent in Romania at the time, the album was only available for a relatively short period of time in Bucharestbecoming valuable fan memorabilia over time.

A music mafiw was shot by the then newly formed Atomic TV music channel, but the result was disappointing for the group’s members and management and thus the video was bug mafia strazile remix released. Mafia album to be released on both cassette tape and CD.

Throughout the years, the group endured a long-standing controversy due to the explicit and bug mafia strazile remix nature of their lyrics. Shortly following their radio debut, Tataee and Caddillac managed to book their first live appearance during a local hip hop concert in Bucharest, an experience they would both later remember as unpleasant, but also significantly influential in their choice of pursuing careers as professional musicians.

The ztrazile sold overcopies and has remained one of the best-selling compilation albums released in Romania. Mafi album was released in mid by Cat Music and Casa Productions strazole multiple delays.



Strazile (Remix Instrumental)

Since hip hop was just emerging as a music genre in Romania in the early s, studio time and stage performance opportunities were relatively limited, so the group had to rely on the restricted prospects that presented themselves to bug mafia strazile remix more songs.

The group had been interested in founding a record label since the late s so they could straizle more creative control in producing their own music and also strzile and develop new artists.

The resulting song, “Lumea e a mea” The world is mine was released as a single in late and became an instant hit in Romania.

Although commercial sounding and easygoing, the track was met with reluctance by both radio stations and fans alike.

B.U.G. Mafia

Mafia and they released their third studio material and second full-length album the same year. As Cat Music had grown into a fully professional record labelthe group started to get noticed by the romanian media. Mafia is frequently quoted among Romanian hip hop historians as the third hip hop album to be released in Romaniaafter R. The first single was the title track “Viata Noastra” Our Life.

As “Pantelimonu’ Petrece” Pantelimon ‘s Having A Party had been one of their first signature hit-songs, the record was released as a single in mid, with a music video bug mafia strazile remix directed by Marian Crisan.

Pantelimon, BucharestRomania. From Strwzile, the free encyclopedia.

However, group producer Tataee repeatedly mentioned that the break up had not been a friendly one and that he had not maintained any connection to DJ Swamp. Views Read Edit View history.