March 11, 2019

This meaning has finally become clear with the release of Interloper. Posted July 4, Trance and Electronic Music Directory. The balance of melody, rhythms and wide soundscapes make for an interesting electronic album. Contact Carbon Based Lifeforms.

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God I love Ultimae.

These two albums swept a lot of people from all around our planet off their feet, creating a strong and enthusiastic international CBL fanbase. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Or browse results titled:. If you never heard about CBL before, listening to Interloper would be a great way to get to carbon based lifeforms interloper their music and to get a clear perspective on their sound and style.

I hope soon I find the time to listen to all three in sequence on my nice hi-fi Wadlez October 30th Comments. On 16 Music Lists.

Sign in Already have an account? The key here is not complexity nor is it intricate layers of sound, but intelligent composition pushing the right buttons at the right time. It took me a while to really get into the sound of the rest of Hydroponic Garden’s tracks, but slowly and surely I discovered the beauty and depths of their debut album, and I’m a fan ever since. I really hope these guys keep it innterloper. January 4 It is a powerful magical potion that will let you travel in some secret, unique places.


If you are not an ambient lover, this is the kind of albums that will turn you into one. What a brilliant brilliant album from CBL yet again. Yotimi September 13th Comments. It shines clearly that these guys know exactly where they want to go with the music.

Well, they’re all awesome tracks but these certainly carbon based lifeforms interloper the spot for me. Slow throbbing basslines, layers of ethereal sonic tapestries accompanied by soft interlopfr female voices creates a very peculiar and original take on the to this carbon based lifeforms interloper known CBL formula, and genre as a whole for that matter, the production oozes freshness and innovation.

Holy damn, this hit liffeorms sweet spot. Already have an account? Sweet and predictable music. I would gladly pay an arm and a leg to see them live. Keyblade August 23rd Comments.

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper – Reviews – Album of The Year

The CBL boys are still doing things in style. Posted May 27, We are climbing a ladder, a ladder towards higher states of consciousness. Great stuff all round, how I love CBL. A very welcome addition are the lifwforms so often reoccurring but touching acoustic elements, these bring about a more mature and sophisticated touch.


Every ambient lover should own a copy of it. Interloper just doesn’t hit the right neurons. You will visit some carbon based lifeforms interloper forests, ancient colonies in the future, bleak wide landscapes and deserted surrealistic shores under shimmering skies. Incredibly deep psychill that just celebrates life in all it’s aspects.

A reflection of cooling morning twilights, electrifying nocturnal sceneries and aquatic environments. I’m not going to get into the discussion as to whether this is better than WOS or HG because that’s a losing battle.