June 11, 2019

The firmware is 5. Enjoy Botropolis’ collection of 50 fun robots. Homebrew enhances the experience of a normal PSP without any faulty side-effects. Hi, im a total n00b i need help with the EZ installer thing i downloaded it but i dont know if i have to drag it over to my PSP thing or what…. When i opened the chikchen folder in my psp and waited, the screen went black for 0. However, they are free DIY holiday decorations, and they don’t have to be a generic snowflake design. Daklo Bage September 11, ,

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Prince September 1, A few highly recommended friends This should let you unbrick your psp Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Looking formward to see more on PSP Hacks.

Since Sony blew it already, you may as well go the extra mile to make this expensive little thing you bought more useful right? I want to install chickHEN in my psp. Turn on PSP while holding the R-trigger to enter into the chickhenn mode 3.

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Join Our Subscribers Receive the latest how-to guides, news, and updates from our team. Instead of flashing to flash0, it resides entirely in RAM to prevent any damage to the system. It can take a bit of time to get ChickHEN to boot once it’s installed as it’s randomized. Instead read this nice intro into what an open PS3 can do for you v This video shows how to get cfw custom firmware on a psp or September 27, at 1: This will help those newbies out about one of the best hacks ever developed for all PSPs.


Make sure chickhen r2 for firmware 5.03 have firmware version 5.

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Prince August 31,1: ChickHEN comes with no warrenty, no guanantee and you run this software under your own responsibility. Hey I am having problems, my psp is a slim with mother board TA I previously has chixkhen some thing firmware and used magic stick and pandora battery to downgrade the firmware.

This time it will work! All the iso files i try to put on here says corrupt data.

Free Download Chickhen R2

One amazing Japanese papercraft enthusiast has built a walking ‘robot’ that’s made of nothing more than paper, rubber bands, and a few wooden shafts for stability. Michael August 5,2: Always leave it in sleep mode if you want the CFW to firkware enabled. If you’re into PSP hacking, check out this video for instructions on how to perform the tff exploit, as well as how to get Custom Firmware for the psp X series.


Drew February 2, ChickHen R2 is the most popular PSP hacking software out there, but getting it to work on the many different version of firmwars system is tricky. The firmware is 5. Can you tell me the error message. For those of you who are wondering how to put games like Resident Evil onto your PSP, look no further. It can be a bit tricky to figure out where to download these language chickhen r2 for firmware 5.03, but this video does a great job explaining where to go.

There are many ways chickhwn perform this exploit; this video shows a few of cickhen. Check this link to install custom firmware on your PSP http: The creator made a video d Launch DayWhite, HackMii 1.

One of the greatest things about the internet? Now making sure you have PSP Firmware 5.