March 18, 2019

Auto re-size image and thumbnail Strungling with creating thumbnails? Relations between articles can be created. Support Excellent support so far with reasonably quick responses to questions posed. Type the text presented in the image below. Functionality A proper “content guide” is simply fundamental to make your user publish articles with zero html knowledge. Using the Joomla ACL you can set whether you see all articles or just your own or whether you can edit, create or delete articles. Get all the data in an easy and foolproof way using the different types of fields.

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What can Form2Content do for you?

Form 2 Content “creating Joomla! I use the pro version. Auto re-size image and thumbnail Strungling with creating thumbnails? He has partly Russian. Hide portions of content and some article from a certain group of users.

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Posted on 05 September oro Together the data and template layout forms the Joomla article html. Registration is free and easy! Form 2 Content “creating Joomla! Meh Levi Breederland 4. Form2Content on the JED: It has many more configurations, field types and features like image cropping to make adding content formc2ontent your Joomla website as easy and ‘dummy proof’ as possible.


Without form2content pro links and third-party form2content pro Instead of using one html-editor wysiwyg you can define a simple form with fields in Form2Content.

Form2Content LITE

It is still not a simple tool, but very powerfull. Documentation Comprehensive and clear.

We install this extension on every website we build. Does not bind to form2content pro domain! Posted on 27 November You may need to edit and save your menu items in the F2C Article Manager to update the changes if F2C has an older version installed. Support Very quick and open to advices for improvement. Enjoy all the functions of Form2Content v6.

Form2Content Joomla CCK

This way your user who submits the form needs no knowledge of form2content pro. Ease of use Very easy to install with an amazing technical support that walked me through the process and helped me to correct my own mistake. First try F2C Lite, it works the same and is free. Please see the respective product pages for more information. Ease of use User guide is simple and clear.


Get all the data in an easy and foolproof way using the different types of fields. Folks who need just to make blogposts etc, just to let them form2content pro exactly the same. This advanced feature provides the ability for programmers to write their own F2C custom plugins for Joomla based on F2C submission form form2content pro and events.

Relations between articles can be created. Of course it has a learning curve as it is complex. For each uploaded image you can specify the sizes of the thumbnail and the image. We have an active forum and I have corresponded with you via email about some questions you had.

So flexible, so native to work alongside joomla, and so many possibilities. I used this to: