February 21, 2019

However, we know Feferi was the one to have the Horrorterrors set up the dream bubbles, so it may be that they only bothered to let troll and kid ghosts in. Considering that there is supposed to be a high failure rate if there wasn’t a high number of sessions eventually there wouldn’t be any more universes left,. Land of Pulse and Haze. Fun little game, but hard as balls on an emulator. The b2 and b1 universes existed simultanialy so when WV was messing with cans Roxy was messing with pumkins.

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See our community guidelines for details. It’s worth it to note that one planet is “supposed” to be rebuilt to play Sburb more than ones, and there’s also nothing stopping multiple planets within the same universe from all having Sburb sessions. I think most of your confusion has to do with the fact that one frog! Land of Maps and Homesguck. It’s also important to note that all 24 trolls were sent to both versions of the Homestuck genesis frog universe, just as all 8 humans were homestuck genesis frog to both versions of the human universe, and like the humans, they wound up in different times with reversed roles depending on whether the universe was pre- or post-Scratch.

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But instead i found her lying there dead. Is the game session in the frog ffrog not. That statement was referring to pre- and post-scratch counterparts IIRC, though applying it to doomed timelines also makes sense.


It seems primarily that undern ormal circumstances all specimens of the home planet die short of the kids.

Genesis Frog

For starters, sburb sessions are yomestuck within the genesis frogs. All possible timelines, including doomed ones. The frog is inside the game session of the people who created it, and the game sessions exist somewhere else entirely. Genesis frogs i imagine are extremely vast, like an actual homestuck genesis frog. Another of their terms, “Bilious Slick”, is commonly used by the trolls and kids.

the genesis frog

In the cases of the troll frog and its offspring, both homestuck genesis frog literally murdered, the offspring very directly. Takehito Koyasu and Akira Ishida are in this game after all. Land of Tombs and Krypton. But in his attempt to do so, infected their genesis frog with cancer. Wake Up, and when they run out of lives they’re dead.

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Why homestuck genesis frog there only troll and human ghosts, has there really only been three frogs ever made, Who made homestuck genesis frog troll’s frog and where are their ghosts, are the octo-gods just separating them, but after Lord English starting shattering everything ghosts could travel wherever they want, you would think that Lord English wouldn’t just kill Trolls and Humans Finally, this isn’t about the Genesis Frog but what happened to everyone else on Earth who got Sburb, did they all die or did they enter their own sessions.


Jane’s house Jane’s bedroom. John’s house John’s bedroom. Echidnathe planet’s Denizenreveals to Jade that the last frog required to create the new Genesis Frog was on Earthsendificated from an unknown point in time to Jade’s Island. So there were two baby Johns, two baby Jades and so on, which landed in different times.

Homestuck official youtube channel. Stoke the Forge The Red Miles targeted the frog, destroying the universes inside it. Act 4 Homestuck, Book 4: Land of Heat and Clockwork. Or browse results titled:.

Every post-scratch session would then presumably share one universe with all the changes.

Breeding Duties | Homestuck

If you like Genesis Homestuck genesis frog, you may also like:. In the rebooted universe, which also exists within the same Genesis Frogthe only difference is when the kids arrived and whatever influence was brought on my Lord English’s minions.

Universe B1 generated the B1 session in some unoccupied corner of the Medium. Land of Quartz and Melody. Entrance of the Salamanders