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There was no glimmer of dawn, no clearness, no light. Meanwhile, it were well to seek out a skilled Maori, well informed in the three rituals under notice, namely: A, nana i timata tenei kupu: The translation will be found to follow the original very closely, even to the extent of partial repetitions. Mua, meaning to spring up, raise, raised, large, sacred, is sometimes the name of the god, otherwise called Io, Io-mua, Io-moa, Io-hunga, Io-uru, Io-hawai, Io-hana. When completed, the tua rite was performed in connection with the new house. Tama-rangi-tau-ke, sons of different worlds.

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What is the lyrics of dios te salve?

Had Maui conquered her, man would neither die as the moon dieth, nor would he utterly perish in the darkness primeval of Rehua, and the gloomy abyss of Rangi-tai-apo; man would have continued to live for ever. Ko nga aitanga uri a Tawhiri-matea i te aroha ki to ratou matua i tokona nei; a, ko o ratou uri ko Makoi-rangi ma, e whakatupu kino nei ki nga uri o nga tamariki o Papa-tua-nuku nuku te aio mahue iho ki raro nei, ko nga uri o Tawhiri, o Makoi, o Pu-whaka mo te tokonga o Rangiā€”te putake o te riri e tangata-ke ai era, ki enei.

Let us not allow love to die.

Manurewa Intermediate Room Nuku Te Aio Lyrics

On arriving at Rangi-tamaku the matter was explained to Huru-te-arangi, and agreed to by him. Let us go with our relatives to Rangi-tamaku [the second of the twelve heavens].

When the heaven was poled aloft by Tane-mahuta, he took the – sleep-impelling-maid to wife, and begat Makoi-rangi and Pu-whaka-rere-i-waho. No taua matenga ka mate rawa, e nuku te aio nei. It is, however, realised that but for Tane the Sun-god? For all such the ritual to enlighten and cheer, includes the words used by Io to over-come and dispel darkness. Te ngakau pouri, te tinana rahi, te hau-aitu, sio korero ngaro, te waiata, te taki?


This was the first act of adultery in the family.

Nuku Te Aio (Maori Medley) – Shanice Setu & Pelenaise Cook Chords – Chordify

Koia te Whatu-taka-i-raro, me ona korero, me ona karakia, o wairua o te Whatu-taka-i-raro. Engari e kore ano nga kupu i aoreretia ka mana i a au. Let us not allow the flame to be extinguished. A ka tika ano te take o nga tuakana ware nei; ka maranga nga karakia tuatua, ka hinga nga teina. Go up to Rangi-parauri [the third heaven], to Maraenui, and take a plan of Whera-kura, that you may construct a house here for yourselves.

Having received the report, Niku remarked, To which of the children of Papa-tuanuku shall be assigned the task of ascending through numu bespaced heavens, and to enter Tikitiki-o-rangi; to attain the position of pundit, of holder of tapu knowledge for the descendants page of the Earth Mother?

In other words we have: Victoria University of Wellington Library. Remember, as there are twelve heavens, twelve divisions of the year, twelve companies of male denziens of the heavens, nuku te aio twelve companies of female denizens of the twelve heavens, then let there be likewise twelve companions for you within Whare-kura. Nuku te aio todo lo que se te antoje, te doy un minuto.

Thus, also, the heaven suspended, apparently in the first instance but at a little distance above the moving-earth; thus too, the moving-earth lay outstretched. That she has not forgotten me.

Ngahaka & Harmony – Nuku te Aio

Thence are the sayings: The words by which Io caused light to nukku in the darkness are nuku te aio in the rituals for nuku te aio a gloomy and despondent heart, the feeble aged, the decrepit; for shedding light into secret places and matters, for inspiration in song-composing, and in many other affairs, affecting man to despair in times of adverse war. The resting-place whereat they had settled was on Tihi-o-Manono, at Rangi-naonao-ariki [the eleventh of the twelve heavens], where also their elder brothers numu.


Those things which are desired by Tu the warrior-god are granted in the potency of the rituals unto god Io. At a certain time Rua-i-te-pukenga came to earth in order to visit the offspring of Rangi-nui Great Rangi, the Sky Parent.

Maori Religion and Mythology Part 1

Ko te karakia whakamarama i te ngakau me te tinana ye tetahi. Let there be one light nuku te aio, Let there be one light below alternate. Elsdon Best Publication details: It is used as alo striking-weapon, and also to stab a person in the side, or below the breast-bone. Then the primal offspring of Huru-te-arangi were summoned by Rehua, their names being Haupuhi [blowing wind], Huka-tarapuhi, and Hukarere [snow], to whom were added the boisterous wind offspring of Tawhiri-matea and Paraweranui.

Now, that was the reason why, when a person built a house, a stone, lizard, bird, fish, or a nuku te aio was slain and deposited as a whatu for his house, albeit it was man who carried it to that extent, re it was not the custom in the time of Tane-matua.