February 16, 2019

This is the mime artist, accompanied by accordion. The Spanish primetime show was on weekly, in a two hour 15 minute slot in fact and as such people would tend to aim for higher scores, although the pacing of the show was slower. The challenger has buzzed in here, unfortunately she gets the question wrong. That takes seconds. The longer the game goes on the lower you can set your sights. His name is Daniel and he is Swedish American. The rules are very simple:

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Also timing out on a question seems to be the biggest killer.

In a standard round the contestant will face four questions on a category. A convoluted, by the sounds of it question is morore out.

Good night from Italy! Do you think it would work as well on a weekly basis?

Avanti according to wikipedia has a theoretical top prize of just under 1. Based on the 22 October episode, this is probably a little less than that.

Avanti un Altro! (2012, Italy, Canale 5)

But of longer term gain, if they complete the round, whatever money provided you pick money is contained in the pidigozzo is doubled. The set and the audience. Here are the rules: Would you or anybody be able to do that for us please, Cele?


If time runs out then all is not yet lost. His name is Daniel and he is Swedish American.

Luca Laurenti Ricordati Che Devi Morire Normal/Remix Chords – Chordify

As of the time of writing you can watch the show ungeoblocked online. Only a handful of people win the jackpot. A bad man to know. This round has been introduced with a burst of Somewhere Over the Rainbow so she is going to get four questions on rainbows.

To win all the money you have to get to the end of the entire list within seconds. During the final run there is a ten second limit to answer each question. Here is our host, the brilliant Paolo Bonolis who also co-devised the show. If not Barrymore then who?

Avanti un Altro! (, Italy, Canale 5) – Bother’s Bar

The Final Five Minutes is played as a speed round. Is the entire queue celebrities for the Moire shows, or are there laursnti mixed in? Laurenti hopes for good looking women. Bonolis can start and stop the clock by hitting ricoddati big red button to his right. This is quite amusing. The object is to accumulate as much cash as possible.

The background is quite sparse save for those moving arrows on translucent screens and a screen that splits into slats for the backdrop.

Please Paolo come over to UK and do one series. At the end of the show an alarm will go off telling the world that this is the last set of questions. Instinctively, this saves time listening to the question, and saves you the potential trouble of missing a question multiple times from listening to your instincts telling you to do the wrong thing, at the cost laurento missing questions you otherwise ricordati che devi morire luca laurenti be able to get consistently. This contestant faces a standard round.


I love Tim Vine but I think it requires someone who can get a bit shirtier with the contestants. He does not always get what he wants. Fabio is up to question six here. Of course if someone goes and sits in the chair early with a relatively small amount, there is a chance another contestant will beat the amount, decide to play on to solidify their position and then lose it all keeping you there.

A regular gag is set lucs where the category is announced and Maestro Laurenti starts breaking out into song.