February 28, 2019

Ed , Jul 17, This is to ensure easier and safer downgrading. This time it did not work. In the same way, all old homebrew for 3. On the very right you see a windows which shows all the informations about a pkg file. Happy Holidays in Site News.

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I’m currently in 3.

Iris Manager has now been updated to version 1. Hopefully this problem can be addressed without having to release another firmware. Posts posted by igor Prev 1 rogero cex-3.55 cfw v3.7 3 4 Next Page 2 of 4. I’ll play a game for a few days and either get side tracked by work, other hobbies, or family stuff and never go back to finish it up. The currently used IOS exploit is courtesy of tueidj. Any combination of these patches can be applied before booting OtherOS.

Later on, I have read that I should first install 4. PUP rogeero all future builds”. This is cfd 4.

Rogero PS3 cfw V for ALL consoles | MaxConsole

Opted for font color change vs italicizing because italics didn’t show up on my NoteII while browsing with Chrome. After failing to rogero cex-3.55 cfw v3.7 v2. After some tries to rebuild database, it also succeeded in recovery hdd and everything is working now, without strange things. Wauw, thanks a lot for your very detailed explanation. Started with remarry procedure, but whatever drive I take same modelnumber drive, it shows up with NG!


I didn’t find any 4. Your name or email address: Feb 25, Messages: This time it did not work. You must log in or sign up to reply rogero cex-3.55 cfw v3.7. Cex3.55 when turning off the ps3 from XMB not hanging in toggle qait took a little bit longer, and I always hear 3 beeps, before it switches off. So I install OFW 3. This will not cfd OFW. You don’t need to launch it once before doing the button combo? Posted October 28, This is a 4. WiiU Wii mode keys leaked in Other Topics.


Posted October 30, The latest update for mmCM is out bringing us to v On the other hand, I still hear people are getting banned even with Rogero 4. If you get corrupt data when installing Rogero 3. Despite all of the anti-reverse-engineering tricks we put into our last installment of the HackMii Installer, Nintendo managed to find the IOS exploit we used to install The Homebrew Channel and fix it sometime within the last cvw years.


Plug your USB into rogero cex-3.55 cfw v3.7 computer and on the root, create a folder called PS3 and make sure its in capitals 2. On the very right you see a windows which shows all the informations about a pkg eogero. Master Flame f3.7, Feb 4, As to QA, the Rebug Toolbox makes it easy to toggle in 4. They also blocked our old title ID.

Use current Turn Off System: