March 16, 2019

And discovered Adobe Acrobat and Flash clash. If you use a proxy to trick the system into thinking you’re in Asia, hello warp speed. You can find the list of them on the right side of the forum. Still, Chrome doesn’t suffer from this problem, so I don’t see why this bug is invalid for Firefox. I should have thought of that, I’m to blame there, I just got carried away trying things out.

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Any add on listed of Spybot. That’s why I suggested trying other streaming sites. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

November 15th, 8. Adobe Flash Player Eventually, we’ll eliminate everything that’s impossible and be left with the possibly improbable truth! I also removed Java while I was there. I see a Windows Media. Trying it out won’t make anything any worse, it just means another possibility eliminated. I’m not trying to spam the board either. One step shocmwave to finding the needle within the haystack.


This was my experience on the site. Using the latest versions of everything.

[SOLVED] Problem: Flash videos play at 3x normal speed, no audio

Like I said, tell me what I sockwave be hearing on the Fififaux site and R422 have another go at it! It appears every time under Firefox, even with all add-ons disabled. Changing my sound back from the HDMI device to the normal audio device fixed mine too. Please enter a title. On Sat, Mar 27, at 1: This content has been marked as final. Sorry, should have mentioned that. If the bug is in flash, then it depends on when Adobe gets off their ass and starts fixing bugs, this isn’t the only bug that’s been shockwave flash 10.0 r42 their codebase for years VLC can stream flash, but you have suockwave know the address of the actual video source, not just the.

Hyung JIn Han backtrack wrote on Once I set this back, Rhythmbox worked, as did YouTube videos.

Shockwave flash 10.0 r42 download

Thanks for helping out. Recently my Flash Player has stopped working in both Firefox 3. Also, the issue really does not happen or is not so perceivable on Chromium. There’s a bit on the Fififaux page that says about needing Xhockwave enabling as well as Flash.


Prestonsbeat works fine, but BOY could that guy do with a few singing lessons.

Flash Player has stopped working | Adobe Community

Is that done with or without Flash Player working?? I think theer’s Java applets shockwave flash 10.0 r42 on there somewheres and Firefox never has liked Java too much.

It happens when you double click. If I find an answer to make the plugin work, I will post it here. I was unable to type in Flash on any browser Firefox, Epiphany, Opera, Midori, even though my Flash player was the Adobe’s latest one For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site. Now don’t start uninstalling things yet.