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Are SLF4J versions backward compatible? As of version 1. Email Required, but never shown. For some Logger logger , writing, logger. Exception in thread “main” java. Ankur Shanbhag 6, 2 20

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Maven Repository – POM file for Log slf4j-log4j12

Better yet, use parameterized messages There exists a very convenient alternative slf4j log4j12 1.4.2 jar on message formats. If the log request is enabled, then it will overwhelm the target destination with massive output. You will also need to modify the loggerFactoryClassStr variable. Otherwise, the cost of complexObject. Had you been invoking SLF4J API instead of log4j, the migration could be completed in a matter of minutes by replacing one jar file with another.

Logger interface, pave the way for adoption of slf4u logging systems and still leave the door open to switching back to more traditional logging systems if need be. In MarkerIgnoringBasemethods taking dlf4j data simply invoke the corresponding method without the Marker argument, discarding any Marker data passed as argument.

The same result can be achieved by adding wlf4j appropriate directives in configuration files. What about Maven transitive dependencies? Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of servicewlf4j policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


For most users upgrading to version slf4j log4j12 1.4.2 jar. Stand-alone applications can invoke the logging framework of their choice directly. Dependency exclusion is described in the Maven documentation. Akanksha Sharma 11 1. Given that your library’s code depends on the Lsf4j API, you will need to declare slf4j-api as a compile-time default scope dependency. The one and two argument variants do not incur this hidden cost and exist solely for this reason efficiency.

In other words, this form does not incur the cost of parameter construction in case the log statement is disabled. This question pops up whenever a software project sllf4j a point where it needs to devise a logging strategy. However, one of your important clients request that logging be performed through JDK 1.


How do I exclude commons-logging as a Maven dependency? This clever approach first was imagined and initially supported by Erik van Oosten. Moreover, slf4j-api now relies on the ServiceLoader mechanism to find its logging backend.

Thus, as far as your users are concerned you are exporting slf4j-api as a transitive dependency of your library, but not any SLF4J-binding or any underlying logging system.

Your binding is version 1. When the first parameter is restricted to be of type String, then only the method. Assuming your logging system has slf4j log4j12 1.4.2 jar of a logger, called say MyLoggeryou need to provide an adapter for MyLogger to org. You’re including slf4j-log4j12 multiple times either directly or indirectly through another dependency with different versions 1.


There exists a very convenient alternative based on message formats. However, as with all other bindings, the logback-classic binding requires slf4j-api. On the other hand, it does not necessarily make sense slf4j log4j12 1.4.2 jar stand-alone applications to use SLF4J.

Download slf4j-log4j12 JAR ➔ With all dependencies!

However, instance variables make slf4j log4j12 1.4.2 jar possible to create a distinct logger environment for each application, even for loggers declared in shared libraries.

Unfortunately, the above call did not print the stack trace of the exception. Here is a summary of the pros and cons of each approach. Adding supporting for the SLF4J is surprisingly easy. SLF4J is a simple facade for logging systems allowing the end-user to plug-in the desired logging system at deployment time.

The following declaration adds the version99 repository to the set of remote repositories searched by Maven.