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The paper consisted of the same Tibetan word, meaning death. Retrieved from ” https: Then his father approached a detective agency to find his son. The times of India. When Bose says that he had gone to his nephew’s wedding during the murder, Feluda reminds him that in the Bengali calendar no wedding is held during the month of Chaitra since it is an inauspicious month and that they had came together to Sikkim during the starting of the month of Baishakh, the first month of the Bengali calendar. Then as Sasadhar Bose, he travelled in the same plane with Feluda. Feluda tells that that Sasadhar Bose and Dr.

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But Helmut changed his mind and left early to take some photographs. Helmut tells that Virendra is Shelvankar’s only son. The photographs were taken during the crime.

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Orphaned at 9, little Pradosh leaves for Kolkata from Dhaka and finds refuge with his uncle’s family where he becomes more of a Gangtokey Gondogol book cover. While walking on the road, they meet a German hippie, Helmut Ungar, who tells them more about Shelvankar.

Abdullah al Mamun 6 years ago. After conducting the experiment, Feluda concludes that gangtooe murder was done by first hitting Shelvankar with a rod and then throwing the vehicle down the cliff. Then his father approached a detective agency to find his son.


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Retrieved from ” https: He tells them that he had a son, whom he loved. The paper consisted of a Tibetan word, which simply meant – death. Bose tries to escape but is caught by leeches. There they meet a strange looking man.

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Vaidya are the same person. Sarkar wanted to steal the statue of Yamantak from Shelvankar.

Feluda tells Topshe that today he will conduct a experiment on the North Sikkim Highway. Feluda then announces that Sasadhar Bose is the killer. He killed Shelvankar to take over the ownership of the company. He also reveals that someone had tried to make the boulder fall by using a strong rod and that this accident was nothing but a well-planned murder. Sadhan Babur Sandheho Director: Topshe saves Feluda from being crushed.

Gonddogol sunday suspense feluda gangtoke gondogol evening, Helmut comes to Feluda’s room and shows him 2 photographs. He says that he had sold the statue to Shelvankar for a rupees.

Gangtok-e Gondogol – Feluda – Satyajit Roy 3 Sunday Suspense Bengali Audio Stories

Watch Bengali short movie Sadhan Babur Sandheho: Feluda – Baksho Rohoshyo Nirzhar Hussain 3 years ago. Feluda – Shonar Kella Nirzhar Hussain suzpense years ago. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Vaidya tells Feluda that tomorrow he will be traveling to Pemiangchi.


He reveals that he had a statue of a Tibetan God named Yamantak, which had nine heads and 34 hands. In the evening, they come to the dak bungalow, where Helmut is staying.

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He tells Feluda and Topshe that he did not like his father marrying twice godnogol thus ran away from home. Next day, Nishikanto Sarkar tells Feluda that someone threw a paper in his room. This story was first published in the Desh magazine in and then published in book form in by Ananda Publishers. Satyajit Ray ‘s Feluda. Feluda Meets Jatayu Nayan Mukherjee 1 years ago.