February 28, 2019

Discovering your own bone is discovering what you are in standup comedy. I one time was tempted to married and later divorce there, or even never to come back. Local Africa World Education. After the hearbreak, I felt lonely and needed someone by my side to keep me happy and let me forget all that I had gone through. The year-old is a comedian, actor and high school teacher. She was studying Catering and Hotel Management.

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Local Africa World Education. Teacher mpamire is what keeps her busy. Such things happen to me but then, I just look back and chill as life goes on since I already have a lady in my life. He was in his room, preparing for his flight back to Kampala in just over an mpammire.

Comedian Teacher Mpamire kwanjulad by girlfriend – Matooke Republic

At times I get to class and crack one or two teacher mpamire and students laugh, and I get time to teacher mpamire deliver the joke to the other theater students.

They did not fall short of this last Saturday when Uganda Waragi introduced its pineapple flavour during a special comedy night at Smiling Panda. But somewhere along the way, and much to the confusion of fans, the comedian mutated from teacher mpamire Museveni stage persona to that of Teacher Mpamire:. Being a busy person, how do you make time for your relationship? Be rest assured that am walking her down the aisle this year. Don’t be fooled, they have never been beggars either; I know this because I went to school there in the seventies: At Kyambogo UniversitySsegujja studied for bachelor of arts in education.


I already have an events manager. Broker charged over possession of ivory. At the close of his performance, he returned to the stage to convey his greetings as the president of Uganda.

Teacher Mpamire

He later went to Greenlight high school in Namasuba, Zana. He describes the Mpamirw president as his number one fan. My first love was the person I had committed myself to. My House, my rules. She disappointed me, saying she no longer needed me in her life.

teacher mpamire

His performances have seen him stage shows in Zambia teacher mpamire, [3] Malawi [4] and other African countries. Due to the fact that am an artist and I have many shows, I am still arranging the programme. Carol made it more complete than ever.

Ministry, Eskom in sustainable energy use campaign. What should be the focus in ?

Teacher Mpamire on his comedy career and mimicking President Museveni

Don’t forget t subscribe on my YouTube channel for more clips. New Vision ‘s Joan Murungi had a chat with him teacher mpamire his love life. How did you meet her? What was it like? So I requested them to discover me. The highlight was his performance about Uganda Airlines air hostesses represented by the different tribes of Uganda. Entebbe runway closed after Ethiopian Airlines skids off runway. UN report pins Kayumba Nyamwasa on rebel group.


I had to come back after studies since I never wanted to disappoint her yet I teacher mpamire love her. Having been sponsored by Yoweri Kaguta Musevenihe was admitted to the American Comedy Institute where he studied comedy performance and writing. Rwanda gets first public coding school.