January 5, 2020

We have targeted the current shipping release as that is the version used by the majority of the customers with whom we are working on GUI building projects. I’ll add some documentation explaining this in more detail. Should I be worried or can I just suppress these warnings? We have never been back to try and come up with a good API, but maybe we should? Everything else is just icing on the cake: First, I believe lines of Panel.

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Is it possible to send us the equivalent files with the.

Maybe I’m missing something but I copied this code from the docs: It was on my first look at b so suspect it was either a gremlin that ran away on reboot, or a totally separate error that I just blamed on the new beta ; If it turns up again I’ll email the conditions. This could be related to Holger’s suggestion of removing obj.

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Looks like my comment didn’t come through on the last rating. I would like to associate my uiextras. The classes supplied can be used in combination to produce virtually any user interface layout. For some reason this property was missing ,if the documentation – sorry about that.


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Meanwhile we fixed the problem by putting the parent-handle in brackets gui. I have a problem with TabPanel.

I now have a fix for this ready to upload. Could not deserialize object: HBox ‘Parent’, g. In response to the question regarding sizes of panel decorations, first let me state the obvious, just in case it isn’t obvious. Pas Facebook to voyage with Zaki Cherif and others you may mi.

If you put the axes in a uicontainer or uipanel and put that inside the layout then you have full control of its position within the container whilst still having the overall position managed by the layout. It’s extremely flexible and reliable, d2erti the code inspires me to fully utilize MATLAB’s built-in object-oriented constructs.

We used to allow “merging” of grid elements in a previous iteration of this tool. An analogy would be calls to subplot like below: At first it looks kosher, but here’s a short code frag that breaks things:.

zaki shreif kif 2derti

This helps a lot. I’ll add some documentation explaining this in more detail. Harsh Harsh view profile. I am using uiextras. An alternative is something like: If you want the toolbox to always be available, add this call to your personal startup. Ian Ian view profile. The code here under demonstrates the problem:.


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You give a container some space and it lays out the contents as best it can. The issue is specific to the HBox.

zaki shreif kif 2derti

A problem with the HButtonBox for aligning text is that the text control cannot be vertically aligned inside its own bounding box. Ben Tordoff Oh, it’s great! I do not think that adding a property to provide vertical padding within the HBox is a good solution.

Glad you’re finding it useful and educational. Can anybody see why the visibility of the axes change with the use of the ‘Marker’ plot property? Even if the answer is that the author does not plan to update toolbox it would be valuable to know this for planning purposes.

zaki shreif kif 2derti

In the callback function of the check-boxes, I wrote: