February 15, 2019

The Definitive Biography 2nd ed. And each accompanying dialogue has a distinctive voice in the background. Mani Ratnam left and Ilayaraja right have worked on ten films together. One day, when Ashok’s sister is travelling by train she runs into Gautham and Anjali, so Gautham gets into the next train car. The film is about two half-brothers who come into conflict with each other in their claim for legitimacy as sons of a common father. There is a brief moment of animosity between Gautham and Ashok and it is clear that both the half-brothers hate each other.

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Nstchathiram background score is so popular that it served as a ringtone a good 20 years after the film came out. Sruthi Radhakrishnan June 02, Ashok runs into Anitha again but this time he memorizes her car number.

The eclipsed gems from Raja and Ratnam

Gautham, angered by the scene caused by Ashok, throws him out. He traces her address by bribing a transport officer, goes to her home and says “I love you” to a surprised Anitha. The police commissioner reprimands Gautham and asks him not to take out his anger towards his father, Vishwanath, on someone else.


The film won 2 Filmfare awards, 3 State awards and 5 Cinema Express awards. Everything that agni natchathiram bgm to be written and said about Mouna Ragam has been written and said. Agni natchathiram bgm angry Ashok goes to Vishwanath’s home and creates a ruckus only to realize that his grandmother, Vishwanath’s mother Rajamma S. The natcjathiram ends with Gautham arresting Chidambaram and both the brothers embracing each other. And each accompanying dialogue has a distinctive voice in the background.

Another altercation occurs at a wedding in which both exchange words. Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text. Printable version Jan 5, Retrieved 15 March The next day, Ashok finds Gautham and both get into a huge brawl, which Vishwanath witnesses. Gautham then arrests Ashok on charges of assaulting an officer of the law. This film marks the debut film for Nirosha. One day, when Ashok is just hanging out with his friends, a girl Anitha Niroshalooks at him, shouts “I agni natchathiram bgm you” and drives away.

Retrieved 20 December The film was a commercial success and completed a days run in natcnathiram theatres.

IR’s BGM Compilation

But he stops once he learns that Anitha too comes from a broken home. Children sing in an exclusively high pitch, and most of the song plays around in the higher octave. An irked Chidambaram warns to put a hit on Vishwanath if he still continues with his investigation.


The entire song is rich, bursting with violins throughout. Ashok threatens Chidambaram with dire consequences if his father dies. Vishwanath berates both of them and gives up hope on both of them ever getting along gbm each other. Prabhu and Karthik played the lead roles along with Amala and Nirosha as their pairs. The tune is rural, folksy and simple.

Agni natchathiram Ringtones

The film has a parallel comedy track which focuses on a rich man V. But together, they create something magical-sounding, and comforting. But it draws you in. This article is closed for comments.

Even without watching the video, one can visualise a young, carefree woman swaying about singing this song. Views Read Edit View history.