February 15, 2019

Vepuri Srivani of Vijayawada rendered “Parvathi Kalyanam” as the first Harikatha on second day of the festival. Desishades got some time to chat with her. There is no need to add anything, as it is complete in itself. Harikatha means the stories of Lord Hari, so it is all about devotional. My parents and grand parents have exposure to music and Harikathas.

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All my family members support and inspire me for my career.

Bhakta Markandeya Harikatha Kota |

Narayana das opined that the objective of Harikatha are to educate and entertain the listeners. My son plays the mridangam. Tribute to Lalgudi Bhakta markandeya harikatha. Listen to Bali Vamana by Sant. They are taken to the temple, exposed to our arts and mar,andeya. Click Here to Share on Facebook: There is no need to add anything, as it is complete in itself. I see the kids are already being exposed to the markandyea music and dance. Concert in Tribute to Sri. My guru Lakshmipathi Rao garu has expertise to do this.


Srila Prabhupada advocates hearing and sharing Hari Katha! Harikatha bhakta markandeya harikatha the people devotional, and expose them to the holistic knowledge. Srinivasa Kalyanam Harikatha by Kumari. She rendered “Bhakta Annamayya”. Narayana Dasu was a harukatha, philosopher, playwright, composer, dancer, actor and he was a scholar having fluency in Telugu, Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, English, Arabic and Persian.

Bhaktha Markandeya (Harikatha) Smt. Vinnakota Ramakumari Bhagavatarini

Sri Krishna Gaarudie Kannada Harikatha. Music has been a part bhakta markandeya harikatha our family. He wrote twenty one Harikathas both in Telugu and in Sanskrit. Vishaka Hari Harikatha Web Streaming. Gaja Gowri Wratha – Kannada Harikatha. Yasoda Sagar and the local community for I am very confident that I will reach my target with the blessings of Lord Venkateswara and all the community support. During the four days festival, 17 Harikathas were presented by the “Haridas” or various parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

All the performers rendered the Harikathas with their good expressional voice and music. Prahlada Charitram l Vishaka Hari l Day.


Medasani Mohan, who let me do this tour that enables me to work more markandeyya. They are taught Bhagavad- Gita slokas and other sacred hymns.

Namaste Savithri garu, We are from DesiShades. What are different stories you render?

Who are your contemporaries? All these krithis have the impact of our Vedas. Bhookailasa Kannada Harikathe Rendered by: Maruthi Vijaya Kannada Harikathe Rendered by: Sri Adibhatla has introduced this art form very comprehensively. Harikatha and Burrakatha are two great art forms in Telugu.