February 15, 2019

Given how helpful this kind of information is for institutions, businesses and citizens:. However, it is, and will remain, for national authorities to investigate individual cases to determine whether they represent cases of racially motivated hate crime. The aim is to prevent the pollutants that have become embedded in the subsoil over time from being dispersed into the surrounding area. Does the Commission have information on whether there are similar rules in all or any of the other Member States? What will the Commission do to assist the European Central Bank and the Eurosystem to ensure that euro banknotes remain a trusted and safe means of payment? Nevertheless, the positive impact that set-aside can have on soil functionality and biodiversity is well acknowledged.

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Priorities list for energy infrastructure projects. Deze week zal het Turkse parlement stemmen over een wetsvoorstel tot wijziging van de verordening uit betreffende internetwebsites en de preventie van misdrijven door middel van die websites wet nr. Does the Commission intend to suspend, as seems reasonable, negotiations on free trade agreements with the United States until the above matter is cleared up? The Commission supports the efforts of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in the collection of statistics related to incidence, prevalence, survival and mortality from cancer.

Are national media journalists doc holiday pisani romani travel expenses? Malta is consequently making progress in promoting renewable energy. Sickness benefit is another area in which Spain is failing to meet its obligations under the social treaty, which it shares with other European countries.

Arrests of Russian activists in the run-up to the Sochi Games. The last few months in particular have seen intensified volcanic activity, and the risk of further explosive eruptions due to doc holiday pisani romani nature of the stratovolcano with even more devastating effects cannot be ruled out.

Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and aerial aerosol spraying. Si creano, di fatto, discariche abusive nelle quali si pratica la combustione illegale di rifiuti, producendo un fumo nero, denso e irrespirabile che costringe i cittadini romani a barricarsi in casa.


If so, what steps will the Commission take to ensure that the PYD is present at the current talks and any future talks aimed at the democratic resolution of the conflict in Syria? Does the Commission intend to take any action with a view to convincing Turkey to abide by its obligations as a candidate country, as regards the independence of the judiciary?

Possible funding for a project in the enogastronomic sector. Olive oil doc holiday pisani romani a cure for breast cancer. Once the legal review and the translation of the text into all EU official languages have been completed, the text will be sent to the Council, which is responsible for the decisions on its signature and provisional application if that is the case and on the conclusion of the agreement.

Declassification of Foggia’s Gino Lisa Airport. Immigrants and access to healthcare.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

According to statements by spokespeople for the PYD, they asked the sponsors of the conference if they could participate, but were vetoed by the USA. If so, when does it intend to publish this document in all of the official languages of the European Union?

The Commission will examine the law in detail and will assess its implementation, including from the point of view of an efficient fight against corruption. With regard to innovation: Visto il regolamento CE n.

On the same day, in Fawauri, the same group first attacked the market, with heavy weapons, killing around fifty people, before turning its attention to the Christian village of Maiduguri, the state capital, which was completely burned to the ground.

Possiede doc holiday pisani romani ulteriori rispetto allo stato di applicazione della medesima direttiva da parte dello Stato italiano? Can the Commission provide some information regarding the state of progress of the case and specify the date on which a decision will be reached? Access to free public computers and Internet — in libraries or elsewhere — is clearly important for the social inclusion of otherwise excluded groups, particularly for job-seekers.


The proposal for backloading was accompanied by an impact assessment which considered the effects on electricity prices but did not reveal such impacts.

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The Commission is aware of consumer complaints about holivay sellers in several Member States. This scheme pays compensation where a licensed investment firm is unable, or is likely to be unable, to pay claims against it. What does the Commission propose to do in order to facilitate cross-border but regional wine growing and cross-border but regional wine processing? To this end, what does the Commission intend to do to further reduce mortality rates for breast and any other types of cancer?

The EU has not at dod time foreseen any mediation efforts between the parties to the conflict in Anbar, but continues to encourage the Government of Iraq to strengthen doc holiday pisani romani between its security forces and local tribes and to ensure that civilians are protected oisani violence.

EUR-Lex – CFULL – EN – EUR-Lex

Inthe Commission launched ALCOVE Alzheimer Cooperative Valuation in Europea joint action project between Member States aimed at improving knowledge of dementia and its consequences while promoting the exchange of information to preserve the health, quality of life, autonomy and dignity of people with dementia.

However, the primary instrument for managing doc holiday pisani romani at the river basin level is the Water Framework Directive with the Pisahi Basin Management Plans that romanii that directive’s requirements.

Another proposal is that buffer zones should be created that are free from fertilisers and pesticides and wide enough to ensure their effectiveness as barriers against diffuse agricultural pollution. Status of Austrian dual owners and non-dual owners.