February 15, 2019

What many thought of as impossible was achieved by UltraHLE as the first and only release was able to properly play many popular titles, including Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Emulators of Nintendo hardware. This program was one of the first free Nintendo 64 emulators. Retrieved 26 April Are you an emulator developer?

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Only really ran a handful of games- Super Mario 64 and Wave Race 64 were the only ones of note. Sadly, after only a few updates he disappeared again. The N64 CPU was actually a bit of a weakness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There was an article posted here about someone attempting to implement a NES emulator targeting the same approaches- they concluded that it was impossible, ultrahle left me wondering what Corn managed to do correctly. Ultrahle page has been accessed ulteahle, times.

Want to add to the discussion? It was enough to just threaten and it scared the shit out of everyone. Requirements and additional information:. UltraHLE was released, the first succesful Nintendo 64 emulator. Ultrahle yeah, the emulator came out of nowhere and caught everyone off guard. Please abide ultrahle reddit’s site-wide rules on self-promotion.


UltraHLE – Emulation General Wiki

UltraHLE’s ultrahle emulation had its drawbacks; at the time of its release it was able to emulate only approximately 20 games to a playable standard [3] as it emulated and simulated only those calls required by those specific games; it was necessary to adapt the emulator for games that used different parts of the N64 hardware.

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This page was ultrahle edited on 10 Decemberat Felt like longer than 18 years ago. I almost thought those posts were gone forever, but after much searching, Internet Archive still ultrahle it. Ahh, the good ol’days.


Retrieved from ” ultrahle Last revision 3 months ago. Views Read Edit View history. UltraHLE is a discontinued freeware Nintendo ultrahle emulator which gained notoriety for being the ultrahle to run commercial games at full speed on the hardware of the time. Here’s the official compatibility list of that version: UltraHLE is an emulator for the Nintendo As it was released at the time when the console was still on the market and considered profitable, Nintendo threatened the authors with legal action.


Yep first time was Zelda Ocarina of Time. Retrieved 15 August Here’s the official compatibility list of that version:.

Also notable for its time, UltraHLE was capable of playing commercial games while the console was still commercially viable, a feat which was ultimately noticed by Nintendo. ROMs aren’t included in the download. Also, the N64 suffered from some lacklustre optimization of its games at the GCC build stage. Archive linkin case it goes down. Send the moderators a message if you’d like a user flair reflecting that.

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